Facebook, Software Engineer Intern
- Built five features including FB Stories, media picker first post flow, media reordering, bottom sheet with FB Live integration, and recommended scheduling for a new Business App on iOS
- Developed an API to return the estimated best time to post in the next week using Hack / PHP
- Technical: Graphql, Objective-C, ComponentKit + UIKit, MVVM, MVC, Hack / PHP
Jun '20 - Sep '20
Apple, Software Engineering Intern
- Built an iOS app from scratch to evaluate new iOS software features with usage across 300+ engineers
- Without user input and simultaneous operation across multiple devices, app validates performance of Data (HTTP) and Voice functionality over a user specified duration & iteration
- Technical: Streams, Swift, SwiftUI, Combine, Redux-like Arch / MVVM, Core Telephony, Obj-C
Jan '20 - May '20
Eventbrite, iOS Software Engineering Intern
- Collaborated with product and design to build new features such as bulk printing guest list tickets
- Developed UI, consumed APIs, and built unit tests with Swift and Objective-C
May '19 - Aug '19
GNR: Restrooms for All, Co-Founder and Web Developer
- A web app that finds gender neutral restrooms anywhere in America built at the age of seventeen
- 3,000 average monthly users for a web app that finds gender neutral restrooms anywhere in America
- Won the 2017 Congressional App Challenge for California's 13th Congressional District
Aug ’17 – Present 
Girls Who Code, Sisterh>>d Council Member and College Loop President
- Advised on Sister>>d, a digital visual album, to inspire girls to believe or continue to believe they can achieve anything. (Sister>>d Council)
- 1 of 4 alumnae selected to speak on GWC’s expert panel at their World Economic Forum session
- Received a full scholarship from Deloitte to the 2018 iPhone App Development Campus Course at Harvey Mudd College
- Created weekly content on the GWC app, Loop, and coordinated monthly attendance to events in the Bay Area (Mentor)
- Featured as the GWC of the week in October 2017
- 1 of 5 Summer Immersion Program (SIP) students nationwide in 2017 awarded Spotlight Student to write an article for their blog
- 1 of 17 girls chosen nationwide to learn how to code in seven weeks at Facebook Headquarters
- Attended trainings designed for executives, met individually with recruiters, and took mock interviews w/ engineering managers (SIP)
Aug '17 - Dec '19
Google, Applied Computer Science Intensive with Android
Developed games in Android using data structure and algorithms. 
Jan ‘19
City of Hayward, Sub-Committee Co-Chair Community Task Force
- Approve, edit, and draft new policies to update the 1992 Anti-Discrimination Action Plan as the only appointed youth rep
- 1 of 20 rep. selected by the City Council to represent Hayward
- Lead community conversation (town hall) meetings to get constituency input
- Past: Sub-Committee Chair Youth Commission (Jun ‘16 – Jun ‘18), City Clerk Intern (Aug ‘17 – Jun ‘18)
Jan ’17 – Sep ’18
Black Girls CODE, Summer Camp Technical Assistant
Taught 70 girls between the 8 to 12 years old Scratch, Python, and building on Raspberry Pi’s with sensors
Jul ‘18 – Aug ‘18 
Goldman Sachs, Pride Summit (P) and Virtual Insight Series
- Selected from 600+ applicants flown to New York and introduced to the financial services industry (P)
- Developed networking and professional skills through various workshops
Mar ’18 – Aug ’18
Kode With Klossy, Teacher Assistant and (2017 and 2018) Scholarship Recipient
- Supported the teaching and the facilitation of the 2018 Kode with Klossy Ruby Camp in Denver, CO
- 1 of 20 girls in the SF Bay Area to learn Ruby, Ruby web apps, and JavaScript with ’17 & ’18 scholarship
Aug ‘17 – Jul ‘18  
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